This traditional shingle style home in Southport was designed to have the look of a traditional exterior fitting appropriately with the neighborhood – but with the pleasant surprise of a clean transitional open floor plan on the interior. Lush white marble bathrooms, modern light fixtures and cabinetry, with bleached oak beams created the transitional appearance on the interiors.

The neighborhood was fit with low cape-style houses, so it was our vision to blend in with the neighborhood, while still providing ample space. The front of the home provides the beauty and charm of traditional New England architecture with the stone accents and mahogany doors, while the twisted cupola gives a hint towards the more “transitional” style the lies inside.

At Tanner White Architects, we design every aspect of our homes. From the light fixtures to the decorative hardware, every inch of our homes (both inside and out) and designed hand in hand with the client to ensure their dream comes to fruition.